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About MathConcept

We believe that any child can be successful in math. We aim to increase your child’s confidence in math and overall school performance by building up their fundamental mathematical concepts while developing an interest on the subject.

Connect Math with Concept

“Are you taking any foreign language classes?”

“Yes, math.”

Many students come to us with the thought of “Math is boring, it is not a thing that I can handle or understand.” Kids don’t really think math is boring, they are bored by the endless repetition and memorizing a bunch of equations that make no sense to them.

MathConcept helps kids to get rid of this feeling by reintroducing math in a totally different approach. We help students to connect all the bits and pieces they knew about math so that students will understand the concept better. Meanwhile we provide a solid foundation for them to further expand their math skills.

Our instructional approach goes beyond traditional math tutoring to develop understanding and build a love for math. No matter if your child is far behind of the year or already excels in the subject, MathConcept will help them leap forward in math.

Our History

Incorporated by a group of elite mathematicians and mathematics educators, renowned university education professional, best-selling textbook author, subject teachers and education management professionals, MathConcept has been dedicated in providing all-round learning experiences in mathematics.

MathConcept was first founded in Olympian City of Hong Kong in May 2010. We currently have several learning centers located at different districts, with more than 8,000 students in the region. Till now, MathConcept has developed a sophisticated base of teaching material, with more than 100,000 pages of courseware and 104 publications, satisfying the needs of both local and international school students in Hong Kong covering curriculums from kindergarten to various high school levels.